ES Elektro Romania is part of the international industrial suppliers group of Itsme companies.

itsme provides goods and services to its clients in the Netherlands via ES Elektro and Hoogland-Mennens, the latter having been acquired in 2008. In early 2010, Schultz + Erbse in Hagen, Germany was also acquired. In Romania, itsme carries out activities via its subsidiary ES Elektro Romania, and from 1 April 2011 onwards, it launched a new initiative in Belgium in conjunction with Breemes.

itsme has an annual turnover of approximately €200 million, employs 520 people and possesses a comprehensive network of 22 branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Romania.

itsme offers an extensive range of electrical and mechanical engineering services directed towards industrial end-users, mechanical engineers, panel builders and technical fitters. The unique selling point of the itsme group lies in the fact that its operating companies provide customers with highly effective, tailor-made solutions. All of those operating companies share the same drive to support customers and make it easier for them to conduct their businesses.