Key Accounts

The starting point

Large national and international companies often have to deal with complex and difficult MRO processes and or Non Production Related spend. Because maintenance expenses, both preventive as well as corrective, have a direct effect on net income, there is a growing need for insight and control on the “Total Cost of Ownership” of these expenses and processes.

When meeting this need we see a balanced interaction between procurement on the one side and operations, maintenance and logistics on the other. This requires an electro technical distributor and service provider who is able to: translate data into valuable information, have an uniform approach to delivery and establishes equal service levels for all of the clients’ production locations. All with corresponding datasets, reviews and consulting. This does contribute to increased transparency and controllability over the MRO or NPR  processes.

Customer specific approach

For each appointed key account an account team is created, tailored to each client’s specific needs. The team consists of technical and commercial representatives from the local itsme branches who are directly linked to the individual customer location, all guided by the key account manager. The target for each team is to contribute to the realization of the client’s strategic goals, while respecting local circumstances. This contribution is always linked to one or more of the following functional area’s: procurement, logistics, operations, maintenance and/or finance.

itsme key accounts negotiates and implements national and/or international commercial agreements, relying on the same SAP system as local offices. This approach guarantees uniformity in commerce, logistics and technical support.

The Result

Centrally agreed upon service level agreements and commercial conditions are matched, whilst respecting local circumstances and needs, making use of the local network of itsme organizations and value adding solutions.

In this process key accounts aims to achieve mutual dependence through a pre-defined and true partnership.

Key accounts is, as such, the “lubricant” between the various departments of large (inter)national enterprises realizing the desired targets.

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