Lighting advice

ES Elektro Lighting Technology has all the expertise to carry out a detailed assessment of your lighting installation and to provide you with a complete advice as to how you can reduce the energy cost for your particular installation. After the completion of the LightCheck you will receive a clear explanation of the lighting installation as a whole.

The LightCheck will address items such as whether your installation complies with the European standards for interior lighting (EN 12464), your internal standards regarding lighting and whether your installation meets the standards for emergency and evacuation route lighting. The standards for HACCP, BRC and IFS are also becoming increasingly important and our lighting advisers can adapt your lighting solutions so that they are in line with this standards.

Can any savings be made in terms of energy consumption? Does the installation make use of sustainable products such as longlife light sources? Are there areas that would benefit from a Light Management System? Based upon the Light Check, ES Elektro Lighting Technology will issue a clear report recording all of its observations and giving any advice with regard to possible improvements.

All advice provided is based upon the Total Cost of Ownership, which takes into account the investment costs, energy costs, waste costs, maintenance costs and the applicable requirements and standards in terms of lux values and safety. In other words, we also set out to establish the optimum pay-back time, as well as the associated costs whilst still providing the best light possible.

Interested in the LightCheck and in finding out how much energy you could save? Would you like to request a LightCheck? If so, just get in touch with your contact at ES Elektro Romania. 
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