Collaborative robots

ES Elektro Romania has enlarged its portfolio with UNIVERSAL ROBOTS Collaborative Robots, also known as cobots, adding to our expertise in logistics solutions, industrial lighting, industrial automation and electro-mechanical products. The cobot market is the automation industry’s fastest growing segment and our partner Universal Robots is leading the way.

As companies of all sizes face growing difficulties in finding candidates to fill their open positions, they are turning to robotics and automation solutions to drive up production and at the same time keep costs down. Cobots is the optimal solution, they are highly versatile, able to be of use in different places across the factory floor and they are easily re-programmed for new tasks. By offering plug-and-play functionality, designed to operate safely together with humans without physical confinement, they challenge the problem of bulky, complex installation and high investment costs, common in conventional robotics.

A cobot is a safe robot that human workers can collaborate within their work and also a tool we can use in dangerous environments. If a cobot is obstructed by an object or a person, built-in and added safety features automatically stop it from operating, allowing humans and cobots to work side-by-side without undue cause for health and safety concerns. They also offer one of the fastest payback times in the industry, thereby freeing up your employees time to add value to other stages of production

We have high expectations about serving the Romanian market, not just by selling Universal Robots units and accessories, but also by providing consultancy, application support and post-sales services.

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